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Helping Authors Self-Publish

Crystal Pointe Media Inc., is a hybrid-publishing company. We help authors to self-publish their books so that they keep all of their rights and royalties and we guide them every step of the way for the easiest and most comprehensive self-publishing experience possible. When you publish through us, you will enjoy professional quality print and ebooks with global distribution, maximizing your sales potential. Call or email us today to get started! 619-567-9668

Self-Publishing with Crystal Pointe Media

    Publishing your book is only the first step. When you publish with us, we give you the tools necessary to launch and market your book. Additional benefits:
  • You keep your royalties.
  • You decide your cover.
  • You control your content.
  • You choose your sales venues.
  • You get your book to press faster.
  • You print only the books you need.
  • You maintain all of your publishing rights.
  • You can take your previously printed book to the world of ebooks.

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